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Multi-Day Trips from Skopelos to Sporades Complex


Skopelos, according to the legend, was founded by Staphylos, one of the sons of the god Dionysos and the princess Ariadne of Crete. Historically, in the Late Bronze Age the island, then known as Peparethos was colonised by Cretans, who introduced viticulture to the island. The island was famous throughout the ancient Greek cities of the Mediterranean Sea, for its wine - a reputation which was probably due to the legend of its founding by the son of the god of wine.


The Sporades is a group of islands in the northwest Aegean Sea. Four of them - Alonnisos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros - are inhabited. The islands are surrounded by uninhabited islets and they are known for their beaches, wooded terrain, coastal diving, snorkeling and the National Marine Park.





Explore the Sporades complex and taste the local dishes. Skopelos is one of the greenest island in Greece, since more than half of the territory is covered with virgin pine forest. Alonnisos is at the center of the National Marine Park, the largest protected marine area in Europe and the most important nature reserve for the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) and the dolphins. The nearby island of Skiathos, is a popular destination for young people, because of its nightlife. Skyros that is 40miles distance from Skopelos, is quite different from the others, with many common characteristics with the islands of Cyclades, such as the sandy beaches. The north of the island is covered by a forest, while the south part is bare and rocky. Uninhabited islets such as Peristera and Kyra Panagia, at the north part of Sporades, are ideal for snorkeling, diving to explore the beautiful underwater topography and marine life.

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