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- Sailing

Enjoy a unique way to explore Aegean sea, were the wind may be the destination, travel the routs of ancient and modern adventurers!

 - Scuba Diving/sea sports

Just take your stuff! We will take you to ideal destinations to enjoy your favorite activities such us windsurf, kite surf, free diving, scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking and climbing.

​​- Mediterranean savory

Culinary exploration, local traditions, and tastes, prepared with local, pure biological ingredients.

- Cultural projects

Greece land of myths, history and traditions, sightseeing, art exhibitions,  local festivals, painting and sketching courses, in collaboration with Ornerakis applied arts


Scubadive partner


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Our boat "ENA"

  Initially crafted in the renowned Psarros shipyard in 1961, in Perama area of Piraeus and totally restored in 2010 by Thodoris Tsikis at Psarros shipyard.

  This beautiful wooden yacht called "Ena", has all the advantages of a traditional “Trehantiri” hull design, plus the necessary comforts and facilities needed for yachting & diving.

Her excellent stability and design are ideal for cruising the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean with safety and grace.


Boat Specs.

Name: ENA

Length O.A.: 15,50 m
Propulsion: 160bhp DOOSAN L136
Sails: 100mq Cutter
Cruising speed: 8 knots
Weight: 25.000 kgr
Berths: 8 + 2 crew

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